Hello, my name is…

Hi, my name is Marisa, and I’m a diet Dr. Pepper addict. I know, I  know its bad for me and it’s a can of chemicals, tada yada yada but its so yummy. I’ve tried giving it up before and have done pretty well,  but I always go back. Shameful.  I have a day where I’m extra tired, or its gloomy out and I just CRAVE that aspertame caffeine concoction. And once I start, it is a slippery slope my friend. I’ll just have one a day she says…that one becomes a 32oz size. I’ll just stop buying it she says…..then her boss buys some to keep at the office. Ugh.
Somethings on this road to healthy are going to be hard. Giving up soda is one of those things for me.  So those of you that were past soda addicts, what’s the trick? I’m up for suggestions. 

Positive health step for the day: I drank 8, 16oz glasses of water today before I left work.

Something I can do better: I succumbed to the siren song er, smell of Freddy’s french fries and abandoned my healthy lunch.


Let’s go!

20 years. Wow. For 20 years I’ve let myself get larger and larger.  It took pictures from my high school reunion to snap me into focus. For too long I’ve lived in the excuses and failed quick fixes. By nature,  I’m lazy. I love the easy way out, but the easy way out hasn’t helped me. It’s time to help myself. I’m going to use this blog to keep myself accountable and maybe, just maybe, inspire someone else’s snap into reality before they go 20 years like I did.

I’m not a medical professional and I won’t be offering any advice or trying to sell any products. I’m just here to make a change and keep a record of it.

So, like Matthew West says, “it’s day one of the rest of my life.” Let’s make it a great one.